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Company Policy

Effective April 19, 2024

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and agents of RRG Freight Services, a freight forwarding company. It outlines the company’s commitment to providing professional, efficient, and compliant freight forwarding services.

I. Services Offered

RRG Freight Services offers a variety of freight forwarding services, including:

1. Sea Freight

• Sea Freight Forwarding: RRG Freight Services offers efficient and reliable sea freight forwarding services for import cargo.

• Customs Clearance: Our experienced team will handle all customs clearance procedures to ensure fast and smooth release of your goods, minimizing delays in your supply chain.

• Documentation and Compliance: We will prepare all necessary documentation to meet customs requirements, ensuring smooth processing and reduced risk of inspections.

2. Air Freight

• Air Freight Forwarding: RRG Freight Services provides time-sensitive air freight solutions for your urgent cargo needs.

• Customs Clearance: Our team will expedite customs clearance for air shipments, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination quickly.

3. Land Transportation

• RRG Fleet Advantage: RRG Freight Services offers complete control over your land transportation needs with our own fleet of vehicles, including tractor heads and closed vans. This ensures flexibility, reliability, and on-time delivery for your domestic shipments.

II. Prohibited Goods

RRG Freight Services will not accept shipments containing:

● Illegal goods or substances (as defined by national and international law).

● Perishable goods without prior agreement and proper documentation.

● Live animals.

● Flammable, explosive, or hazardous materials without proper classification and packaging.

● Items exceeding weight or size limitations.

III. Client Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for:

● Providing accurate and complete information about the shipment, including description, weight, dimensions, and value.

● Obtaining necessary permits and licenses for restricted goods.

● Packing goods according to industry standards and following all carrier guidelines.

● Providing clear instructions and incoterms (international commercial terms) for the shipment.

IV. Company Responsibilities

RRG Freight Services is committed to:

● Upholding the highest ethical standards in all business dealings.

● Complying with all applicable laws and regulations related to freight forwarding.

● Exercising due diligence in the selection of carriers and partners.

● Providing clients with accurate and timely information about their shipments.

● Handling cargo with care and ensuring its secure transportation.

● Maintaining clear communication with clients throughout the shipping process.

● Mobile phones for the Drivers are provided by the Company.

V. Claims and Insurance

RRG Freight Services will assist clients in filing claims for lost or damaged cargo. However, the company‘s liability is limited as outlined in the service agreement.

VI. Confidentiality

RRG Freight Services maintains a strict policy of confidentiality regarding all client information and shipment details. We are committed to safeguarding this sensitive data and will only disclose it with your prior written consent, as required by law, or in exceptional circumstances to protect the safety and security of individuals or cargo.

VII. Continuous Improvement

RRG Freight Services is dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of our services. We value feedback from our clients and actively seek their input to identifyareas where we can enhance our operations and exceed expectations. We encourage you to provide feedback through rrgfreight_imports@yahoo.com.

VIII. Policy Review and Updates

This policy is subject to periodic review and update to ensure its continued alignment with evolving industry regulations, best practices, and the company‘s commitment to providing exceptional service. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep clients informed of any significant policy changes.

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If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at rrgfreight_imports@yahoo.com.